Yoga offers the opportunity of deeper self-awareness which allows us to trust ourselves and embrace the many cycles of life. Carrie is dedicated to creating a healthy and nurturing environment for women.

Carrie Sarlo-Randazzo


Carrie Sarlo RandazzoCarrie Sarlo – Randazzo started HoliMomma in 2006 with offering prenatal and postpartum massage. Over the years, her work expanded organically with yoga and body education classes for women, and in 2016, she joined The Village, a group of individual businesses dedicated to supporting women with an emphasis on prenatal and postpartum care.


Carrie is a Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor who specializes in women’s care before, during, and after pregnancy. She started her career as a Massage Therapist in 2005 and became a certified Mother Massage® Therapist in 2006. In addition to her massage training, she studied with Julie Tupler, the founder of Maternal Fitness® and received certification in the Tupler Technique. This exercise program specifically works on preventing and/or correcting diastasis recti (abdominal separation) by identifying the cause and working the core muscles correctly.


Combining work with her love of yoga, Carrie became a certified yoga instructor in 2009. Her yoga training and certifications include: Vinyasa, Prenatal & Postpartum, and she is currently completing her extensive training as a specialist in Pelvic Floor Yoga.™


Patti Becker


Patti has been a massage therapist for 7 years. After graduating from Rutgers University with a Bachelors degree in Biology, she decided to combine her passion for caring for others with her Healing Arts in 2011 and has practiced massage ever since.


As a mom of three, she knows from experience how taxing pregnancy and the postpartum period can be on a woman’s body. One of her goals is to be able to provide relief from the physical demands of pregnancy as well as the mental stress that can often times accompany it. She is also trained in Swedish, reflexology, aromatherapy, chair and sports massage.

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