Private Yoga & Parties


Whether brand new to yoga or an experienced yogini, private instruction offers the opportunity for one-on-one guidance to help with proper alignment and time to address specific needs within your practice. The lesson will be at your pace to help create a consistent flow of breath, movement and meditation. The average session runs approximately 60 -75 minutes, although shorter or longer sessions are available upon request. Private Instruction is offered at the studio or in your own home (within 5 mile radius of area code 08108).

Have Your Own Private Event or Party!

At The Village, HoliMomma can be your host for a private event:

  • Prenatal Yoga Baby Shower
  • Restorative Yoga and Massage Bridal Shower Party
  • Kids Yoga Party
  • Yoga Holiday Parties
  • Private Business Showcase

Use the space for a yoga class and/or include time for food, gift giving, etc… Prices vary. Please contact Carrie via email for details.