“Yoga for You” Personalized Video Class Package:

offering a therapeutic and individualized approach to a guided yoga practice

The package includes:

One Private Session (in-person or virtually) to review health, lifestyle, posture and overall ‘goal’ or intention.

Three Video Recordings – created specifically for you!  Based on information gathered during the private session intake, Carrie will create three different videos, designed just for you!  You’ll have full access and ability to download the recordings – giving you the ‘flexibility’ to practice at a time that works for you!   Health investment: $220




Yoga: Whether brand new to yoga or an experienced, private instruction offers the opportunity for one-on-one guidance to help with body + mind connection and time to address specific needs. Private Instruction is offered at the studio, in your own home (within radius) or virtually.  Individual sessions or series available.


Pelvic floor and diastasis support: How we move throughout the day can make a BIG difference within our bodies. We’ll explore ‘functional’ movement, postural alignment and exercises that support our core, back, pelvic floor and overall postural alignment.  Every body is different. Carrie tailors each session to one’s individual needs. Private instruction is open to all women.  Individual sessions or series available.